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Social Commerce

We create our own direct-to-consumer brands with our e-commerce shops and services and drive social commerce on a national and international scale. Our strategy and our actions are "digital first - direct to customer". From branding and marketing to direct sales of our products in the categories:

Food BBQ & more - Home & Living ¦ Fitness ¦ Fun ¦ Beauty ¦ Healthcare - Immo Services

Our online shops and services are the most efficient points of sale for our direct-to-consumer brands. Social commerce enables us to develop and scale brands more efficiently. With sustainably better margins.

We maintain and look after your social media channels

Supervision of corporate social media campaigns
Content production
Data & Insights
Media Sales
Influencer Marketing
Analysis and controlling

Social Communities - Influencer

Our social media communities and influencer network.

The use of influencers for marketing and communication purposes represents a great added value for brands. Influencers can not only do a lot offer reach, but also have a target group that can be significantly influenced.

Our communities with numerous of followers worldwide, inspire consumers and reinforce brand messages. We have a wide network of suitable influencers, whether nano, micro, macro influencers, the range is enormous. We use special tools for planning and analysis, so that the customer gets the right metrics.

Targeted posts in various industries achieve enormous customer potential:
Cars & vehicles, Beauty & Fashion, Education, Comedy, Do It Yourself, Food, Family entertainment, Film & animation, Health, Art & design, Lifestyle, People & Blogs, Music, News & Politics, Travel & Events, Social commitment, Games, Sport & Fitness, Technology, Animals, Entertainment, Science

Register as an influencer

Our communities with numerous followers worldwide, inspire consumers and reinforce the brand messages. We have a broad network of suitable influencers, whether nano, micro, macro influencers, the reach is enormous.

Register with us as an influencer and earn money. Send us an email with the following information:
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